For children who routinely climb on, swing from, and jump off everything. Capes are optional.


Best Gymnastics Teachers in Washington DC

What We Do

At Bounce Alexandria, we believe in happy, healthy, strong kids. We are a recreational gymnastics program committed to helping young athletes, at all skill levels, develop age appropriate skills to become stronger, better, and faster. We believe in the value of exercise that benefits children across many areas. Gymnastics uniquely serves athletes as it engages multiple muscle groups and cognitive skills, and develops energy that transfers to all areas of a young persons development. We place a fundamental focus on nutrition to help build the foundation for success and believe kids should be regularly challenged to try new skills and new foods, including GREEN ones. We believe in powering roundoffs through burpees and increasing stamina through swinging on ropes and rings to help kids be accomplished with or without elite skills. No matter who you are, we can help improve your health by leaps and bounds.

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