For children who routinely climb on, swing from, and jump off everything. Capes are optional.

Our Story

Lanette Doran has deep roots in gymnastics. She has coached countless children in gymnastics and dance training with some of her students going on to compete in collegic level gymnastics and a professional ballet company. She combines her knowledge of the sport with a love of healthy eating and a contagious energy that fuels kids with the value of fitness. Her love of the power, strength, speed, agility and coordination of gymnastics transferred ergonomically into the physical competence optimized in CrossFit. You will find her cultivating her own strength and measuring her success as a CrossFit competitor. She now has two young athletes of her own. Unable to find a convenient and powerful program to help her kids build their own strengths, Lanette created Bounce Alexandria. She aspires to make a positive impact on students by encouraging them to master gymnastics skills, heightening their sense of self esteem and strength, and using the benefits for lifelong fitness.

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